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Get Out of Your Sh*tty Drama

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Get Out of Your Sh*tty Drama

Are you going to allow life to move you around or will you move life around? This book is a capsule of realizations amid a crisis and drama. Allow it to enter your life and let it help you unplug yourself from the stinky game you play. 

Firstly, this is your new acquaintance book. It is designed for new readers, book lovers, or those who like to carry around books (which seldom get opened), and for all those who just want to try a different category of book. In this book, you will notice that it starts with a discussion and not subdivided in chapters and is not even chronologically ordered from the top. Why do we have to, though? All books are like that. How do we become different now? And do conversations really need to have a sort of order to follow? Anyway, whether you flip this material up and down, shake it however you want in trying to find the first seven discussions, they are non- existent. 

So congratulations, and just on your first five minutes reading, you would already have reached the eighth Discussion! You will also notice that there are no page numbers, too! So you could be on a mysterious page already on this reading material. Just slip in a bookmarker right at the spot you last read. As you go near the last few pages, the book rewards you with a big bowl of word salad of poetry. These are my handiwork written at different times on different paper materials, and different circumstances. These poetries are my short monologues, testaments, and conversations between me and my mind. They may touch and grip the many different parts and dimensions of your mind, I hope. Some of them may not really make sense today. However, tomorrow, or the day after next, it can be your mantra or warrior’s song. These are like commercial ads or video credits by the end of the show. I guess I find it better that way. 

There are ghost discussions like maybe at Discussion 13 which bears nothing in there as you will find out later. I don’t believe in 13th floors, Friday the 13th, or hotel room 13th which are believed to be cursed or whatever. No. I don’t believe the curse. However, we took it out for you as well. This work is non-conformist, I would say. You will also find out that discussion numbers jump up and skipping most numbers. As you progress, (congratulations again), you’d definitely notice some unusual terms which are expressed in italics. Uhh, they’re not Greek. They’re actually Tagalog, a dialect in the Philippines. Okay, some people or reader might think that I was cursing there somewhere. Just ignore them, I guess. 

I have been dreaming about coming out with a book that is informal and unconventional in style and nature. I want it something defiant to the usual norm of writing or reading. And it’s just the way I want it somehow. It is free-form, free- flow and a little rebellious. Most writers tap editors to check grammars. I tried. I actually paid a friend; however, it did not work well. So, I realized, I will just do it myself. So “F*! that grammar”. 

Well, anyway this is a “real” book! Nothing fancy, you may not agree with everything in it, which is definitely fine but I hope you get to experience appreciation and bring out some head nods in some of the topics I touched here. The discussions, which I actually don’t want to call chapters are not really intended to be connected or related from one another directly as with any books you may have read. They’re like mini-books inside a big book. It’s alike a mini- TED talks with different topics, and which are not related to each other in any way. 

Either you bought, borrowed, found, stolen, a UFO dropped it while you’re walking obliviously, or received this book as a gift, please do not hesitate just to enjoy reading it or pass it on to someone. That next person might find value here somewhere. 

Like it’s mentioned, I imagine this book doesn’t aim to be read in one sitting or lying down. You can read one part at a time and stop to contemplate and read on again the next day or next month or next year. You see, this book was in writing for about ten years! So, reading it for the ten years, not a problem. If reading may take time for you to finish one, trust me writing, too! 

Wait. You know what, just carry it around with you and leave it at the bus or train station. Other people might like it and find value in this, you know. Toss it somewhere when done. 

Cheers at the happy trails! 


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